A small sample of our energy efficient vending equipment available.

    Food, Snacks, Bottles and Cans

  • 1


  • Food, Snacks, Bottles and Cans

  • 2


  • AMS Food, Snacks, Bottles and Cans.

  • 3
    Alpine VT5000
    H: 183cm
    W: 104cm
    D: 97cm


  • Large Food, Snacks, Bottles and Cans.

  • 4
    Alpine VT3000
    H: 183cm
    W: 75cm
    D: 97cm


  • Food, Snacks, Bottles and Cans.

  • 5
    Combo 11
    H: 183cm
    W: 106cm
    D: 87cm


  • USI Bottle or Can Vendor.

  • 6


  • USI Bottle or Can Vendor

  • 7
    Summitt 500
    H: 183cm
    W: 79.4cm
    D: 84.5cm


Administration System

Our vending equipment has the ability to record weekly, monthly and yearly sales. We are able to track sales figures for either individual or total item’s sold. These figures are then uploaded to our computer system on a monthly basis. For each individual client who participates in our rebate system we produce a monthly or quarterly invoice detailing total sales and dollars generated for that. The rebate payment can either be via EFT deposited into a nominated bank account or paid by cheque.

Because of our vending and administration systems in place we are able to do all the work for our clients.

Requirements for placement of free vending machine.

Our 20 years of supplying vending equipment shows us that: On average, 50% of persons who have access to a vending machine will purchase a product at least once per week. For this reason the minimal persons required for viable vending machine sales is 70 or more. (subject to industry type and site inspection may be less). This may include employees, staff, contractors, customers, students etc. We are more than happy to discuss and advise you of the best solution for all of your vending needs.